I want to gloat. I want to write a really obnoxious blog making fun of everything that went on tonight in the evil green teams loss but I can’t.

I want to watch the interviews and press conferences of all the bitter whiny Celtics players so I can make fun of them but the sight of any of them makes me want to throw up. I am talking literally.

Why do you think there is no picture of Danny Ainge on the top of my blog with a big X over his face? because then I would have to look at his face everyday, No thanks.

So why am I not happier?

I am relieved it’s all over. For this year at least.

I can now turn on the radio without fear of wanting to throw my 200 dollar IPOD out the train window after listening to EEI but happy? Nope.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be in a better mood to have some fun.


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2 responses to “Hmmmmm

  1. Danny should have played. Would have given the Celtics another option at the guard position. Ah, it’s easy to second guess roster moves…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Oh I would have loved to see idiot on the floor. I would pay someone to bite him.

    Ainge is another tool that got a lot more credit he deserved because he played with better players. Larry Bird would make me look good.

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