Red Sox blogging live

Tonight is a stress full night. The evil green team can be eliminated which makes me want to scream. I am already anxious. So anxious in fact you would think I had money on the game and my bookie was sitting next to me waiting for my payment.

So in an attempt to calm myself I will be blogging live tonight’s Red Sox game. It also depends what else is on TV because I need something to get my mind off Other things. Evil, ugly green things.

So lets see. Tonight I will be blogging in order. Which means you will have to page down to see the new comment. Now this should not be a problem since I usually am talking to myself anyway.

An hour before the game and we are on air. So far we have discussed the our new SS (i still love you Scuturo) and what an idiot Joe West is. West puts his hands all over Francona and Terry gets fined? what a load of crapola. West will be an umpire for 35 years sometime soon. I am surprised that MLB still exists.

Sportscenter is doing the top ten comebacks in the playoffs over on ESPN and they showed the red sox winning the world series during their opening.

The greatest comeback in NBA history for a game belongs to the evil green team before they were evil. I am sure they won’t mention it because it wasn’t after the bought title and if they do mention it they will only show Paul Pierce making a free throw and the announcer calling it the greatest playoff comeback in NBA history. There will be no mention of employee number 8 being the only one to show up for the first three quarters. Or his speech to the whining Paul Pierce on the sidelines that woke him up from his temper tantrum whining about not getting every call in his favor. They won’t mention Rodney Rogers making four free throws in a row or Kenny Anderson playing his heart out because none of these things actually were seen by anyone following the team now. WHATEVER!

Hi Nomar:) (He’s talking Cardinals on ESPN) By the way Bill Buckner will be working the Cubs series in Boston. I wonder if he will be signing pictures of the ball going through his legs? jerk.

ESPN is now talking about how Kevin Durant didn’t touch the ball in 9 minutes during the other nights game between the Thunder and Grizzlies and I was thinking the same thing when I was watching the game. I agreed with Charles Barkley? Only once a century.


SportsCenters top 10 playoff comebacks were as followed.

10- 2002 world series. Angels vs Giants
9- College ball who cares (Illinois)
8- URGH Bruins last year
7- 2002 Cardinals football
6- 2001 Duke vs Maryland.
5- Holday bowl, 1980 BYU erases 20 point deficit
4- Reggie Miller scores 8 points, beats Knicks HA
3- 1942 hockey
2- Bills in 1993,
1 THE RED SOX, duh 2004

I told you they would never mention the greatest comeback in NBA history. How do you leave that out? ESPN is supposed to be a SPORTS NETWORK!


OKAY the actual game is about to take place. They just showed John Lackey warming up. Sheesh I forgot it was him. Would you like some GOOD NEWS? If he is pitching tonight that means he won’t be pitching against the evil empire. I feel better now:)

Okay only would NESN show last nights loss highlights before tonight’s game like us Sox fans WANT TO REMEMBER IT! Who me I am not anxious. Nope not me, COME ON MIAMI! Ahhhh
You too Sox:)

Who wants to laugh? The Blue Jays have less fans in their audience tonight then we had during the 3 am game the other

Jacoby is up and he needs a hit to continue this hit streak. or a walk. It’s as good as a homerun you know:)

What the hell is with the Blue Jays and their fist pumps after every play? Jocoby is out. Pedroia the slightly less of a Destroyer is up. I want a lazer show. Nope. Bye Dusty.

Gonzo is up and I don’t think this live blogging is going to help me. I just checked a basketball score. Gonzo gets a double. yay Gonzo. 5 feet from being a home run and when I say 5 feet I mean 5 feet up because it hit the wall.

Yooooooukilis’s turn. Yay a hit Gonzo scores. ACTUAL RUNS! and two outs. My Sox are up to their old tricks.

Oh Papi pop up. Time for a bathroom break.

Baseball is freaking helping me. It is making me sick. HE THREW THE BALL TO THE OUTFIELD?

This isn’t working. BLOG ENDS NOW! Or until I get over this in ten minutes. I cannot deal with this right now.




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5 responses to “Red Sox blogging live

  1. it is impossible to live-blog a john lackey game without using unprintable language. i applaud your effort. i’m not sure how you did it, actually. i have had issues with blogging lacktastic games in the past.

  2. Due to circumstances beyond our control we apparently have lost the signal to “Red Sox Blogging Live.” We now return you to your normally scheduled programming…

  3. FireDannyAinge

    I have very little patience as it is so expecting me to watch the Red Sox while the Celtics are winning (at that point they were) is asking too much.

    Thanks for applauding the effort toosoxy. I appreciate it. I would love to blame Lackey for my jittery state last night but the evil green team was the reason I had no patience. I guess it was a little John Lackey THROWING THE BALL INTO THE OUTFIELD. That Blue Jay guy could have been on third if he was paying attention.

    Regularly scheduled programming? you mean me bitching? Oh yes that will be back haha:)

  4. this weekend has lots of expletive potential…

  5. Indeed…this weekend could make baseball blogging history…

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