More truth about Kendrick Perkins

So last night I was very happy with the Celtics loss and the Red Sox win that I watched the news. You see watching the news during the Celtics playoff run is something I just don’t do. The channel the Celtics play on has not been seen on my cable since 2003 (October to be exact) and as far as I am concerned that channel does not exist.

So I was kind of happy ecstatic when the sports didn’t really focus on the Celtics. Sure they showed them and said they lost but the in depth did not appear and I was super excited. I actually got to watch the red sox highlights and see what the Bruins were up to on their spring vacation. (AKA the wait for Joe Thornton to finally show up in a playoff series)

I wasn’t so lucky on my T ride home from work. My radio tuned in to Michael Felger (a mistake I know) and listened to him say that trading Kendrick Perkins was a mistake. That Jeff Green was average and a dime a dozen in the NBA. This was funny to hear since when the trade happened Michael Felger had the exact opposite reaction and was whining that Perkins was overrated and would make no difference.

I was one of those people that stayed up last night to watch the Thunder/Grizz game. Would you like to know what Kendrick Perkins did in 3 Overtimes to help the Thunder win?

OT 1

Perkins Rebound (Off:4 Def:3)
Perkins Tip Shot: Made (4 PTS)
Perkins Foul : Personal (5 PF)

OT 2

Perkins Rebound.

Then he was replaced

OT 3

Perkins Foul : Shooting (6 PF)


For those needing a news update about a press conference after watching the press conference the total for Perkins in 3 over times was 2 points, two rebounds and 2 fouls.

Would you like an update on all of Kendricks Perkins stats during the playoff series vs the Grizzlies?

Game 1,
Two points (1 of 3 shooting), 6 rebounds, 1 assist, two turn overs, NO blocked shots NO attempts and NO steals. +- IS A NEGATIVE 8 in 29 minutes (0 for 0 in free throws)

Game 2,
2 points, (1 for 2) 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 turnovers, 1 blocked shot and NO steals in 32 minutes +- IS A NEGATIVE 7 (in 32 minutes) (0 for 0 in free throws)

Game 3,

6 points (2 for 6) 13 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 turnover, 0 blocked shots and 1 steal in 30 minutes. +- was a +1 (0-0 in free throws)

Game 4,

4 points (2 for 2), 8 rebounds, 0 assists, 3 turnovers, 0 blocked shots and 0 steals in 34 minutes with a +- of NEGATIVE 10 in 34 minutes. ( o for 3 on free throws)

Do I need to go over the press conference again?

Kendrick Perkins makes no difference and is now the second most overpaid ex Celtics still playing in the NBA but hey at least Al Jefferson can score and rebounds.

If you want an update on what Perkins did during the first series. Look it up. It’s more of the same.


Pick a team for Dwight Howard.
This is fun:)

He is so gonna be a Laker.


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5 responses to “More truth about Kendrick Perkins

  1. Howard is SO gonna be a Laker. As for Perkins, whether he can play or play well is not what I think this is about. I truly believe the veteran Celts had their noses so out of joint they were not consulted about even the potential for moving him let alone pulling the trigger, they felt disrespected. I do believe they remain hissed off for not being given a say or a heads-up. The way it went down made the team angry. Not even about whether or not the vets thought Perkins was great, good or just taking space – they just didn’t get consulted and they played with a “whatever” attitude after the trade went down.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I agree with you and I believe what you said to be fact. The problem is Danny Ainge has gone to them and asked them about certain trades in the past and this is why they think their opinion should matter. Ainge created the monsters.He can now blame himself when they act like spoiled brats.

    Ainge went to Pierce when he wanted to trade Antoine Walker, Pierce’s so called good friend and they told him they wanted to make this his team and they wanted to bring in his friend Raef Lafrentz to help him be the star of his team and that is all it took. He sold out his friend for his selfish self. He then realized over the next few years that he couldn’t do it alone.

    You see Paul Pierce is so stupid he has lied and been caught in his lies yet no one has ever called him out. He gave two separate interviews at different times since the Walker trade. Once saying he was shocked when he got the phone call in the middle of the night from Antoine that he had been traded. In another interview he said he knew about the trade because Ainge asked him if he should do the trade and bring in Raef to help him. He either did or didn’t know but has given two different answers. He needs to remember which lie he told when because damn straight I am going to remember them.

    I listened to every interview Danny Ainge has ever given on our radio and television stations. I know what a lying backtracking idiot he is and I don’t forget.

    The thing that kills me is everyone that has heard him talk knows what a liar he is too but because they won ONE title in 08 they seem to have this free pass that no other team in this town has been given. The Red Sox are not given this free pass.

    There is not a single other team in any town that would let Shaq get away with what he has gotten away with this year without at least one article calling him out yet Boston acts like Shaq has won them 3 titles. I get when Tom Brady gets a free pass (I might not agree with it but I understand it) but Shaq? not practicing, making millions and spending the whole season on the bench, going out and partying every night, visiting statues and acting like a kid playing hooky from school while your team loses? How does he get away with this ?

    See you have gotten me

    I will NEVER understand the free pass this team gets in the media. I just never will.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    It should say like Shaq has won three titles for the Celtics. He has won more then three titles overall but he didn’t win them here.

  4. You should be in Philadelphia with the Eagles and Andy Reid. People outside here say we’re nuts for wanting more than they’ve done over the years. Well, we do. We haven’t won the big one, only got there once…and choked like nobody’s business a half dozen times. And if you ever saw Andy talk to a LOCAL reporter instead of a NATIONAL one, your site would indeed be called Fire Andy Reid.

  5. FireDannyAinge

    OMG I am a Red Sox fan. I think I know exactly what you as a fan have been

    The reason these teams exist is to win. If you aren’t going to try and win then why even bother right?

    I can see why Eagles fans get fed up. Boston undertsands how you feel. Believe me.

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