Red Sox win


See this little boy above. This is not Carl Crawford. You see this little boy can walk down stairs without tripping. Tonight after the Red Sox walked off with a win thanks to Carl Crawford he tripped walking down the dugout stairs. I guess I don’t hate Carl was much as I used to because I actually gasped and hoped he wasn’t hurt.

In Carl Crawford’s defense this little boy may be able to walk down stairs but can he hit a double to win the game in the 11th? I don’t think so.

Winning is fun even if it is a Tampa Bay devil Ray in a Red Sox hat doing the winning.

the star of game goes to Oki Dokey Okajima for throwing 48 pitches (career high) and not giving up a run.

Highlight of the night besides the win was watching our future SS hug big papi after he scored the winning run. It was so cute. Don’t worry Scuturo I still love you:)

The real highlight of the night for me was watching the news after the Celtics choked away game 4. The news channel had already abandoned them and started talking about the Red Sox again!
That made me smile.


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2 responses to “Red Sox win

  1. Maybe the news channel will pick up Celts coverage again when Doc resigns and Danny gets fired.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I wasn’t complaining about the lack of coverage. I actually enjoyed it:) The radio made up for it today. It was all Celtic talk or should I say Kendrick one defensive rebound in 3 Over times Perkins should still be here because Green who actually shot 50% is a dime a dozen blah, blah, blah.

    Ainge and Doc should have been fired the year they had the worst record in basketball.

    I will never forgive or forget Doc Rivers throwing away the 2005 series against the Pacers on purpose. I will make sure everything he does wrong is advertised for life if it takes me every day of my life to do it.

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