I want Pudge


No not our Pudge. I think he is a little too old to be our catcher. I am talking about Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez

Yes I am talking from a totally girl perspective here. I LOVE HIM. Even though he was a Yankee for awhile I have had this crush on Pudge since the first time I saw him.

I once saw him play as a Tiger and I stalked him around the park to get a picture. I swear he noticed he looked at me like a stalker as I sat there taking 100 pictures to make sure I got a good one. I’ll have to see if I still have that picture.lol

He is the cutest man in MLB. I want a Pudge shirt. As long as we don’t have to trade anything good to get him I want him here:)

How’s this for hypocrisy. I say we get Pudge because Benjie Molina used to be a Yankee and I hate ex Yankees. Scratch that. Jose Molina is the brother that used to be a Yankee. Damn the Molina parents for having so many overrated talented children. Benjie is the one that used to be a Cardinal but he isn’t cute so I vote no.

Don’t mind me for my girl moment in this oh so serious blog about sports but I am just bidding my time before the Heat choke away another game to the evil Celtics so I can go to bed.


In other news Monopoly has been cut lose.
Do the Yankees need an outfielder/head case? Everyone ends up in NY.


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