Dear Andrew Bynum

I do not condone violence but if you are going to clothesline ANYONE Do it to a player that matters. You should have done that to Dirk.

As for Dallas only one of you losers actually went after the guy that just closelined your teammate. Nice.


Celtics fans need to shut up now. How quickly they forget that their team is full of just as many punks as the Lakers is. Remember Kevin Garnett punching a guy in the ****’s.




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4 responses to “Dear Andrew Bynum

  1. Honestly, I thought that was just absolutely classless from Andrew Bynum. I was shocked when he would do something like that because it was just an obvious intent to injure out of frustration. There is no way a guy who has won 2 championships should do something like that. I hope he gets suspended big time for it because that stuff should be eliminated from the game. Mike Tirico said it right when he called “Bush League,” that’s exactly what it was.

  2. I keep reminding my friends how important it is to keep people from driving the paint but Andrew went horribly wrong with my advice. It’s not your father’s NBA anymore. Bush League, yes. I just temper my anger with having lived through the “era of the Pistons.” He’ll get big-time penalty and is deserving of it. Time and place for everything. No time and place for that.
    Still…back in the day…you had to see those games to believe ’em.

  3. Yeah… I’m not a basketball fan. But I ALWAYS enjoy fight video clips. So, thanks!

  4. FireDannyAinge

    You’re welcome too soxy.:)


    I am actually old enough to remember the bad boy Pistons though barely. That was pretty much when I became a fan of basketball. My mother took me to a game. We saw the Celtics play the Hawks. The Bad boys were a little too much but now the NBA is full of wimps. If a star breaths he gets to the foul line. Paul Pierce made a career out of this. Plus the NBA needed the Celtics to be relevant again and they hated Antoine Walker so Pierce was next in line.

    Chris I thought it looked really bad the first time I watched it but I have watched it 3 times since and it looks less and less each time I watched it. This would have been nothing in the 80’s. The bad boys, Kurt Rambis (one of the first players I remember hating) This was nothing. I still need to see the Odom hit. I missed that.

    Bynum is the A-Typical spoiled NBA player. He is making millions a year to be hurt most of the time.

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