My love/hate relationship with Reggie Miller


Watch this Knick haters. The watch 30 on 30 films and smile.

Reggie Miller is a cheater.

He had this thing in his repertoire where he would jump up kick the apposing player and the foul would get called against the player he kicked. I saw this happen live in 2003 when the Celtics played the Pacers (back when I didn’t hate the Celtics) It was the most annoying thing to watch happen because the refs knew what he was doing and they would still call the foul against the player Reggie kicked.

This type of stuff drove you insane when the Pacers were playing your team but when they are playing a team you hate it’s a whole different situation.

I loved Reggie pre 2003. How do you not love someone that makes Spike Lee look like an idiot? How do you not love someone that makes the NY Knicks look like a 3rd grade school basketball team?

The Red Sox are in a rain delay so I am watching 30 for 30 on ESPN. Tonight’s episode is a repeat of the games between the Indiana Pacers and the NY Knicks and every crappy cheating play Reggie Miller ever pulled can be seen in this series. It’s a lot more fun to watch him pull this crap against the New York Knicks then it was to watch the refs ignore this BS vs the now evil Celtics in 03 and 05.

Perhaps the best thing about watching this series besides watching the Knicks lose is finding out Spike Lee is truly the asshole we all see on TV.

I learned that Spike is not the biggest Knicks fan on earth but the biggest bandwagon Knicks fan on earth. I have been hearing for years that he only shows up to National Televised games. Well in this series I also learned he only bought his season tickets when the NBA fixed the lottery so the Knicks would get Patrick Ewing. Classic information and the words came out of Spike’s own big fat mouth.

The Sox game is back on:)


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One response to “My love/hate relationship with Reggie Miller

  1. Reggie Miller drove everyone he played against crazy. Seeing him and Spike Lee joust was legendary stuff.

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