Death by Soxes

BRUINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna cry happy tears. SEE SOX, One of our teams can score

5-1 DANNY SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!



NO CREDIT from SI for D Lowe’s great game
The damn headline is about Lee. ESPN was better in the writing department but the video of course was about Lee first. UM the guy with the no hitter into the 7th deserves the first air time da.

This how I feel right now.


BOYCHUK SCORES. 2-1 Bruins. Now keep this damn lead Bruins.

This is the song of the night. Maybe all songs will work:)


Second period is over tied at 2. I need something to do to get hockey off my mind but the Sox refuse to help me by hitting the ball.

Damn it. Tied at 1. I saw it coming. Following on my phone TWO guys in penalty. It was bound to happen. Now it is time for Chara to wake up because you OWE Timmy this game and series.

Here is some irony for you. I am watching scream (3) and I want to scream.

Death by Soxes. It’s like death by taxes but with baseball.

In other news that is actually good the Bruins are winning 1-0 (I could see more goals BRUINS) and Derek Lowe (MY Derek Lowe) has out pitched Cliff Lee big time tonight. Now lets hope A: Sport Center gives him his damn credit and B: The stupid ass Atlanta Braves don’t screw his leads up like they always do.


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7 responses to “Death by Soxes

  1. FireDannyAinge

    I am forgetting about the Sox until hockey season is over. THEY WILL NOT BRING ME DOWN. HEAR ME RED SOX!

    Take a deep breath too soxy. It’s only May. I know. I know an old cleshay but eventually this team has to start hitting. Right?

    Not sure if that is the right way to spell cleshay either.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    cliché ?>???

  3. and then they will say, it’s okay. it’s only august.
    ignore me. i have been writing about the state budget for the past three hours.
    i wish someone in baseball would hire me.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    After reading your Joe West articles and watching the Lakers lose 3 GAMES IN A ROW I am now pissed.

    I am writing a hate blog. Thanks for ruining my mood LAKERS and JOE WEST

  5. a hate blog.
    we should do that.
    you know? a collaborative hate blog.
    just on hate.
    we could call it:
    a hate blog.

  6. FireDannyAinge

    We hate some of the same things. I could do a hate blog with you.

    Things I hate,

    Anything related ton the Boston Celtics. The Yankees, The Mets, The Angels, The Yankees, Danny Ainge (he’s related to the Celtics but he deserves his own name being mentioned in things I hate. The Yankees, The Montreal Canadians, Paul Pierce, The Yankees, The Celtics, the Yankees,
    Danny Ainge, The Yankees……………..

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