BRUINS WIN!!!!!!! ECF Here we come

It took 19 years but the Boston Bruins are going to the Eastern Conference Finals. Bring on the Tampa Bay Lightning.


A Dallas Stars fan put this on youtube. Thanks for letting me borrow it:)

Pictures coming soon 🙂

Thanks ESPN for picking against us EVERY SINGLE SERIES. I look forward to you picking against us again.:)

Another Power play goal. That is like 2:)

This will be the first 😦 of the day. We now have to leave Bruins coverage on NESN and go to the network? Yuck.

Bruins sweep and Sportscenter decides to show the Sox lose first? Nice ESPN. YOU SUCK Oh and now we have to look at Paul Pierce. Goodbye ESPN!

WOW, 9 guys played in this game that didn’t play in last years series. 9 GUYS. Just heard Tampa is really good on the power play. Something we need to start doing. I guess we have started doing it.

Philly tries to take out our goalie and Chara kicks his ass and we get a penalty? Gotta love refs and umpires NOT.

Boychuck has pretty blye eyes:)



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2 responses to “BRUINS WIN!!!!!!! ECF Here we come

  1. Bruins kicked Flyers to the curb. Philly could have had all three of their statue goaltenders in the net at the same time and would have been same result. Good luck to Boston as they move forward.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Well thank you. Without Bergeron we might need some luck unless someone (cough Chara) steps up.

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