Billy Melrose picks against us AGAIN


I used to like Barry Melrose. Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention before but if you watch this video on the ESPN page Billy is picking against us AGAIN.

That’s right Bruin fans. He likes our defense and our goalie but his tone when he says I like Tampa’s offense means he is PICKING AGAINST US AGAIN.

This is good news folks because Barry picked against us in the first series. (EVIL Montreal) He picked against us against Philly and now he likes Tampa.

Guess that means we are going to the Stanley Cup. Thanks Barry.

P.S- Barry used to coach the Lightning. He also lost to the Canadians when he was a coach. He should love us. What gives BARRY!

He isn’t alone. More people picking against us

Stupid Bleacher report



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2 responses to “Billy Melrose picks against us AGAIN

  1. i think it’s swell. when people pick against winning teams, there’s the instant “na-na-na-na-na” factor. you know, with the tongue sticking out and the ceremonial jazz hands?
    i relish any opportunity for jazz hands.

  2. Barry needs to give up the homeless look. It got old a long time ago, as did he.

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