I want my money back.

I spent 3 plus hours in the freezing rain to see the Red Sox get one hit in 5 innings. I got to watch John Lackey forget how to pitch. I got to watch Adrian Gonzalez trot to first base instead of run. I got to watch so many crappy things today I lost count. I should have made a list.

To top it off I stayed up til 2.48 AM to watch the Sox lose in 13 innings because some kind of force blew Kevin Youkilis’s sure home run back into the park. Okay I didn’t technically watch the Angels score their runs. I was smart enough to go to bed when Daisuke was coming into the game.

I did have a great lunch and I got to use my new camera. Those are positives right? The lunch definitely was a positive. Too bad I spent the entire day taking pictures of losers.

I will be uploading some pictures if I can get my card to work. Lets see if this new camera was worth my tax check.



17 million a year to suck and sportsnation thinks Jeter should still be allowed to play full time. This is just more proof that the media dictates how idiots think. If this question was asked about anyone but Jeter or a Yankee the results would be much different.



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4 responses to “I want my money back.

  1. at least you got to hang out at fenway! what i would give right now for a trip to boston…
    hopefully soon.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    It was cold and I hate losing. It wasn’t fun. I also hate kids kicking me in the back all game while their idiotic parents do nothing about it (day games. I don’t recommend) I also hate fans that only stand up and cheer for their team when they are winning 8-0 in the 7th inning. Chicken shit angel fans.

    My new camera takes beautiful pictures but you can’t tell looking at the one I uploaded.

  3. Never been to Boston, except sitting on a runway once. Does that count? Would go to Fenway only if it was cold and snowy (for a baseball game, not the Bruins). I don’t do rain. Rain bad.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Boston is great just let someone else drive.

    I was just discussing earlier with my friend that I had never been to Arizona and then I said the exact same thing you did about being in a runway does that count? That is freaking weird.:)

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