Sox and Bruins. New night. Now a new morning.

My last inning. Jew Lowrie. DO or die. He is out. This fucking umpire SUCKS. Home plate umpire is an idiot.


Okay LAZER SHOW. Save us. You are our M.V.P We need you. PLEASE
Pretty please, with sugar on top.
Struck out:(

Scuturo is next and this is my last inning. I have to pee and put laundry in a dryer at 2.18 AM. He gets a hit.

Whose next?

Youuuukilis. I won’t mention You know soxy who cuz it didn’t work last time. Crowd is singing his song

You would think the crowd singing his song for him would show some emotion. A smile at least.
Nope. He hates us fans.

He gets a double. Thought it was GONE and Scuturo is OUT AT HOME.


Are you #@!@$^& kidding me.

Darnell is up.

OMG that was NOT A STRIKE. It was so low.

Who is this effing umpire?


Error Mcdonald is on. Youkilis trips at third but is safe.

Dice will be pitching so I must go. Oh we all know I am not going to sleep but I will not be watching.

2 am TV. Bring it on (movie) Sportscenter (Bulls highlights) Poker after dark. Lots of paid programing. Party Monster (movie with bad acting) Nationals Lampoons Van Wilder (Tara Reid movie. Nuff said) Ernest scared stupid (Not a Tara Reid movie but stupid none the less)

Bard is still pitching. Torri walks. I change the channel.

more TV, Inside Nascar. The taking of Pelham 123 (new)Donnie Darlo (Movie) Malice (Alex Baldwin and Bill Pulham) Against all odds (My favorite song)

Inning is over looks like we are up:) Hopefully.

MY LAST INNING This is it for me so LETS DO THIS. We’re all in!

: Carl Crawford is up. Will he hit like his pay check suggests he should be hitting? or will he suck? Only time will tell. That first strike was low.
He’s out. ANSWER: He will suck.

: (2.00 AM)

: Tek is up. That will be out two any second now. PROVE ME WRONG TEK! He was this close to a hit. He was almost hit. He has a full count.
He strikes out. Good news? He couldn’t hit into a double play. Bad news. he is Tek which means automatic out:(

: Jacoby. The reason I am up watching baseball at 2AM That was outside. NOT EVEN CLOSE to a strike. This umpire is blind.

Strike 3 called. It was close but the last one was BULL SHIT.

This is my longest blog ever. Just wait until my Danny Ainge rant blogs comes out. That will beat this hands down:)

We are going to have no one to pitch in relief tomorrow night. We better win and Lackey better go far tomorrow night.

One out and a double for some guy. If we lose this I am going to be pissed. Conger hit it. Never heard of him.

Bard I stayed up for you now make sure the faith I have in you is rewarded. (Two outs)

Eric Aybar kind of looks like Coco. Three outs.


Goodnight. I am going to sleep. Bard is supposed to be in pitching next. I might stay one more inning. We will see.
LOL Daisuke is warming up.

Marco Scuturo is up in the bottom of the tenth. Ball outside by Trever Bell. Strike one WAY inside. Ball two that looked more like a strike then the last one. Out one. Pop up.

YOOOOOOOOOUkilis is up. Time for too soxy’s boy toy to hit a damn homerun instead of striking out and looking mad.

LMAO the crowd it singing his music and he looks stoic as usual. I really like this crowd. they deserve a win.

OUT 2. No praise for Yooooukilis.

Alright Ortiz. It is time
PAPI CHANTS! Eck hasn’t seen a walk off bomb from Ortiz in a long time. Nothing like the present huh Ortiz:):):):):)
3 balls. One strike. BALL 4.
Mcdonald will run for Ortiz.


Lowrie is up. Single. Dropped in as fair ball. VERY close. Mcdonald is on third.

COME ON MIKEY!!!!!!!!!! If he doesn’t drive in this run our love is over and I will consider him on the Yankees payroll. Lowrie takes second.

Ball one. Ball two. Strike one. Strike two. That was VERY low.
Ball three. He’s out and so am I.

I think this is my last inning. I’ll follow on my phone. Red Sox you owe these kids at the park a win. The “T” stopped running 37 minutes ago.
No more play by play. I am talking to myself
Papelbon is coming in? Okay. I am muting the TV and watching from a far for safety reasons.

Strike one. Ball one. Ball two (low) (Amica says its a strike.) Strike 2.
ONE out. (Papelbon covered and Pedroia passed the ball to him)


Strike one. Ball one. Strike 2. (swinging) Base hit.

Callaspo? (sp)

Ball one. Strike one. (Long time between pitches) Strike two. Strike three.

Howie Kendrick.

Strike one. (foul tip) (They try the Hooooooweeeee Doesn’t quite work) Strike two. (Foul) (Loong time. Trying to pick off Hunter)
Strike 3 (Throw to first for out)


We’re tied. I’m tired. I have a game tomorrow. Lakers (sniff) at least the Bruins won. I forgot to put my laundry in the


Ball one. (Lowrie) Strike one (BS) Ball two. Ball three. Strike two. (Full count) Foul tip. (Damn it Lakers) Ball four. (Walk)

Mike Cameron is up.

Strike one. Strike two. (Big swing) Ball one. Ball two. Base Hit.

Guys on 1st and 2nd.

Carl Crawford is up.
(Lets go Crawford chants)

Ball one (Way outside) Strike one (way outside BULL SHIT) Strike 2. (If we lose this game blame that called strike that was not even close)
Ball 2 (Ball got away) Lowrie scored. Cameron out at third. Damn. 1 run scores. Crawford gets a double. Damn tying run would have scored on that play)

Tek is up. Gawd.
Strike one. (swinging) Strike 2 (he went) Strike 3. He went around. Ridiculous Sox. Little league.

Jacoby is up. He needs a hit for his hitting streak)

Ball one. Strike one (way to low to swing at) Ball two. (Pedroia is up next if !!!!) Strike 2. (swinging) Foul (Meeting at the mound) Ball 3

WE’RE TIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job Jacoby. OMG I am going to be up all night.

First blown save for Walden.

Extra innings.

Francona Oki has given you almost 3 innings. Now is old man.

Old man loads the bases. Why am I up? Lakers are about to lose. So are the Sox. %$#@!

Sac fly 3-1 stupid Angels. Og these fans deserve better. Sox BETTER win tomorrow. I have a new camera I can’t wait to use.

Steroid Aberu is up. Oh cute Joel Pinero is pitching tomorrow. I remember when he played for us.


Lakers seriously? You cannot lose to Dallas until Miami beats the evil team. I cannot trust anyone to beat them but you. Kobe, buddy. Come on please. PLEASE.
Tek starts the come back with a hit. A double. Jacoby’s turn. Ellsbury is out. Tek to third. LAZER SHOW. Et tu Pedroia? Strike out. Lakers better be winning.
GONZO chant.

lol that sounded like a Dwade

Weird play. Gonzo got a hit he didn’t run out. It was like a bunt. They tried to throw Tek out at home and Gonzo was almost out at second until the pitcher? cut the ball off.

I WANT A WALK OFF WIN! and a win tomorrow.

Okay TooSoxy. Your boy is up. He better freaking get a homerun.

Base hit. Not a homerun. Tying run on third. Scuturo pinched hit.

OMG PAPI!!!!!!!!!!! is up and he does nothing.

Good job Oki. Out of inning. Time for an 8th inning comeback baby. Come on Lakers wake up and get it going.

New song for game


Lowrie gets a hit. Bout time. Youkilis at third. Time for a home run now MR. Crawford. Time for a freaking homerun.

He does nothing. Oh we so better win tomorrow. I will be there you know. I’ll be the one screaming LETS GO LAKERS if the Lets go Celtics chants start 🙂

Hey Youkilis. Get a hit and I’ll be nice to you:) Nope a walk. Doesn’t count.


they are back to calling balls that roll across the plate strikes against us, urg Eck actually just said close enough. That is BULL SHIT. There is no such thing as close enough. It is a strike or it isn’t.


Get out of Okajima’s way Youkilis. Nice catch Oki. Nice catch.

As soon as the Angels get a run they start calling strike when a pitch is on the plate. BS umpires. The Lakers better win since I stayed up late for this. Something good better come out of this. LIKE A HIT RED SOX. Don’t make me go get that picture I made last night.

Strike 3. GREAT job Oki:)

Don’t make me laugh. Pierce is injured my ass NESN. Hew is a liar and a faker and will score 40 tomorrow night.

The Sox station just missed a hit by an Angel. Nice job NESN.LOL Who do you think you are Fox?

Damn it. Home run. It’s okay Albers. This is tough. We better get a hit now.

Damn Vernon Wells. Go back to Toronto

YO Adrian. HIT THE BALL. Love your paycheck.

That is where I know Scott Downs from. The Blue Jays.

Dear Adrian RUN OUT THE BALL. He trots (not to be confused with Trot Nixon) He never runs.


TB and Yankees lose. We need to take advantage. Or GET A HIT!


Really Lakers. Really? Please beat the Mavs. I beg of you.

music for the bored during this game.

This crowd is hilarious. They are trying to do the wave with a few hundred

Still no hit. WTF Hit the ball RED SOX.

This crowd deserves a win. The people that stayed. They are awesome. These are the real Sox fans.

Would it be too much to ask for a hit Tek???

I once stayed at a game we lost 16-0 and sat in the rain. At least they people could do is stay.

COME ON JACOBY! That better be a hit. He hit the ball. NO DP. I will never understand why that is not a hit.

Come on Pedroia. Ellsbury steals second. LETS GO PEDROIA.

OMG I hate Torri Hunter and his damn gold glove.

Awww The owners are giving away free coffee and hot chocolate Red to Sox fans that stayed around at Fenway. That is very sweet. They ARE even handing it out. Would be a nicer gesture if their hot chocolate actually tasted like chocolate but a nice gesture non the less.

LMAO The Torri chants are hilarious.
Come on Albers. STRIKE HIM OUT. OMG that was a flipping strike.

Pop up. Angels strand a pair.

Shawn Thornton just gave Roachie total That was classic. NO ONE wants to talk about last year.,




Come on Carl. End this hit droubt. Make me cheer you. You know I do not want to cheer you:)


Celtics fans are stupid. Only people dumber are their owners and GM.

Perkins has done nothing in Oklahoma. They are paying him 4 million plus a year to have 2 points and 2 blocked shots.

Danny Ainge is an idiot and if Jeff Green has a brain he will go play somewhere next year he can play 40 minutes a game.



It’s 11.06 and we are on. Josh and Santana are out. Bye no hitter.:)

Albers is wearing DLowe’s number.

Bye Vernon:)

Looks like most people left the park. Nice Sox fans ROLLING eyes.

I have to get up in the morning I might join the deserters.

Both those pitches were strikes. What BS.

Lots of big mouths sitting neat the microphones tonight. Albers strikes him out. It’s time for a damn hit Red Sox.
The only good news with this delay is I actually got to watch a lot of Bruins press conferences. They never show even1% of the stuff we got to see tonight. See you at 11.05:)
Tampa eliminates the Capitals. That game was tied with a minute left. Tampa won by two. Crazy.

Tim Thomas I love you:) and FOR THE RECORD, I have loved you since you got here. Not just this year.
Philly coach has been running his mouth. Told the versus guy that his team would win this game tonight and the series. It made the Bruins Nice job waking up Chara:)

17 seconds, 5 seconds, Bruins WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the Hell do Philly fans get front row seats? Now if the Red Sox could GET A HIT!


Rain delay. Intermission. ZzZzZzZzZzzzz

4-1 Bruins. AHHHHH.

Rain delay. Good bye official game. If we can’t hit I say take the cancelled game:)


Bruins scored- 3-0 YES


Youkilis just tied the Sox record for most hit batters of all time. Yes because the damn Yankees throw at him all the time.

Come on papi. Stop this No hitter! NO No hitter, NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,NO No hitter,

Damn it Red Sox. HIT THE BALL. Not a single hit yet. Come on.

End of the first for the Bruins. Still leading 2-0. Yayayayayay:) Breathing. I remember last year but this is NOT last year. Krecki is here and so is my Timmy. I am off to get some dinner before Burn notice which starts at 8.

Papi is up to bat in the 2nd. He goes down. Ut O. The ball off his shin. He is smiling and the crowd cheers:) That was kind of cute how the crowd cheered when they saw him smile. Damn Papi swinging at that pitch it was way high. Lowrie is up and out. Mikey Cameron is up. I usually have a hatred for ex Yankees and ex steroid cheaters but I like Mikey. Called strike 3 my ass.


Beckett was horrible in the first but got out of the inning thanks to a DP. The Bruins scored two goals before I ever knew the game had started. I thought it started at 7.30 and when I went to check we were already leading 2-0:)


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  1. Night-day Doubleheaders are the latest fad. And as for the NHL, their start times are determined by spinning a giant wheel and/or darts.

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