Miami Heat win game 2



It’s not over Lebron. Don’t let me down.

The Celtics cannot handle losing. KG pushing down Chalmers a bench warmer is classic stuff.

First time in my life I could and probably will EVER say I LOVE you Joey Crawford.:)

Miami Heats fans showed up to sing the National anthem. wow

Oh and I loved the white out in 2006 and I love it now.

Pierce is already rocking the fake injury excuse. The heat are in your head Pierce HA. Heating bad for Rondo. Injury excuse take 2.

Rondo flops and no one buys it. No one is listening to you Doc Rivers. Big baby is not big he is a fat cow. When does he get called out on his weight? Hypocrite Celtics fans won’t do it.



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2 responses to “Miami Heat win game 2

  1. The game started so fast once TNT stopped running Law & Order for the 10 millionth time I thought they had to clear the arena for a circus coming in or something. Sad we had to see the crowd singing the national anthem on tape. No Ernie, Kenny and Charles prep before the game started…7 PM Eastern…WHAM-O…tip-off. This from a league that starts other games at 10:45 Eastern. Sports television confuses me. So do the Celtics.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Charles Barkley is not as funny as he thinks.

    I like Ernie but I don’t like Barkley very much. Kenny is okay I guess.

    The Celtics are old and they are too busy fighting the Heat instead of playing them. I have watched this team be bullies for years and the NBA not only allowed it but they treated them like they deserved this special treatment they seem self entitled to receive.

    Urgh I get mad just writing that.

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