Baseball Lesson for the Boston Red Sox.

Thanks Miami. Bout time you ended that game Papelbon and that’s it:)

By Papelbon. I don’t trust you in a game we are winning by 6 runs.

Don’t screw this up Papelbon in a contract year. I have decided I don’t like Eck. His ass kissing of every other team makes me want to smack him. He works for the BOSTON RED SOX. This isn’t a universal channel

Blake Griffen is rookie of the year. I wish him well. The Clipeprs deserve some success.

Dear Miami Heat. Please keep this up. Sweep. Please sweep but first win game 2. If you needed any more proof Lebron James quit last year on purpose all you need to do is watch him play this year.
OMG Can we play the Angels every game?

I found this while searching for pitchers RISP.
Isn’t it cute:) oh and COME ON MIAMI!



All they needed was a lesson:)

This is a bat.


This is a ball.


This is a bat. Hitting a ball.

This is a bat hitting a ball with men on base.

(I couldn’t find a picture)

These things happen when the bat

Hits the ball.




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5 responses to “Baseball Lesson for the Boston Red Sox.

  1. we should really play professionally, you and i. see, i can’t really hit. and i can’t really run… but i wear baseball hats like you wouldn’t believe.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    It’s an idea. I can’t really run either but I was a great defensive third baseman in softball as a child.

  3. i … um … cheered.
    so that means i should be the catcher, right?

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Being good at cheering, hmm. That kind of makes you Darnell Mcdonald so I say out fielder.

    I heard an interview with Tek once and they asked him his favorite teammate and when he said Mcdonald I was shocked. Who knew?

  5. Someone should send these pictures of a bat hitting a ball to the Chicago White Sox…stat.

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