Sox and Bruins

One team is losing. The other team is tied after being down two goals. One is a positive. The other is being schooled by the brother of an ex enemy who I hate by association.

What does all this mean? Nothing. I just felt like reporting the facts as I see them at 9.04 while watching the event.

The event is a wacky TV show about aliens who want our earth. The stupid vice President just worked with the aliens to have the President shot so that he could take over as President. He is being used by the lady from ER who is an alien. The President is an idiot but the vice President is immoral. Okay he did this thinking he was doing the right thing but he wasn’t. ER lady is using him.


When I first heard Derrick Rose was rumored to be the M.V.P of the NBA I thought it was ridiculous. Then the Bulls ended up with the best record in the East. Rose has been unstoppable and I have sense laxed on my opinion he didn’t deserve the award. That being said I think Kobe Bryant gets over looked in this award every year. I find the NBA does this a lot. They like the new thing and ignore the Tim Duncan’s and Kobe Bryants of the world because they have been around a long time.


Paul Pierce head butts someone and doesn’t get suspended but when it happened in the Magic and Hawks series they were suspended. The NBA is a joke.


Pedroia for President 3-2 Sox but can we keep the lead? Bruins still tied at 2. I am not nervous at all tonight for them. I have this feeling they will lose. I love that I am usually wrong about these things:)


The lady from ER is mean. I don’t like her. She is an enemy to the US (The event ) The guy who played Luke on Gilmore girls is an alien too. He is evil also but he might surprise me. Then we have Jack Ritters son who I like on the show and the lady he has helping him looks familiar too. I have only watched this show from the beginning you would think I would know names by now.

If Francona brings in Bobby Jenks tonight I am booing his ass Thursday.
Charlie Sheen does good. This was a nice gesture.

Come on Bruins
Come on Daniel Bard I am now nervous for the Bruins. I am such a


The ER lady is such a bitch. She is the most evil character I have ever seen on TV. She needs to be taken out. The evil ER lady is trying to poison the US.


Good job Daniel Bard. I love you:) Tim Thomas is the best. He is the MVP of the Bruins this entire year. I love Tim Thomas too:)


Yay. Luke from the Gilmore girls didn’t shoot the other alien he was ordered to shoot. I am so happy:) This made my tv show viewing night:) He was told to shoot him because he was against killing all us humans and he didn’t do it after his daughter gave him hell. Bad ER lady.

Thanks Adrian 6-3 now COME ON BRUINS


Oh No. So much for a happy tv show night. They just killed Luke from Gilmore girls on the Event. EVIL er lady. Good news on the sox front. Youkilis doubled bringing home Adrian. THE BATS ARE ALIVE!!!


Now I am watching Castle. I think the guy from Prison break just shot, Becketts old boyfriend on Castle. I know him too but I can’t place the face. COME ON BRUINS


Ortiz homers. More runs. Yay now the Bruins have 2 minutes to score and save me heart from OT. 46 seconds. COME ON BRUINS


Off to do my farm. I’ll be back when OT starts for the Bruins. Dear Bruins. You OWE Tim Thomas this win. He has been HUGE.


Come on Bruins Hey Jason George is on Castle. I love him too. Lots of love tonight. Lets hope it ends this way for the Bruins.


Top of the 9th for the Sox. It’s now 9-4. COME ON BRUINS!


Okajima is in. Come on Oki. Yiu know I love you. Just end this so I can be nervous about one team instead of 2. COME ON BRUINS


That is the guy from Prison Break on Castle. He hasn’t been seen but for a second at the start of the show so far. Must be a two parter. COME ON BRUINS


Oh Oki:( COME ON BRUINS This is ridiculous. COME ON BRUINS DB Sweeney is also on Castle tonight.

Hawks beat Bulls. the Bulls are overrated. You must save me Miami Heat and take the Celtics out. Sweep them. Save my sanity.


BRUINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sox Win
Thanks David Krechi.

52 SAVES for Tim Thomas. 52 WOW


Any news on Mcquaid?


Dear Lakers.

You can make this night almost perfect (The skankees did win Booo) Come on Lakers. You are the only team I trust to take out the evil Celtics if they get past Miami. PLEASE win.



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  1. Mark Cuban 1, Jack Nicholson 0.

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