Payback is fun huh Bruins? but it takes 4 wins

This is fun. This is REALLY fun. See all the Flyer fans in the stadium? Um no you don’t because most of them left.

The Bruins are calm, collected and happy they won. They are not running around giving fist pumps or acting like they won anything yet. Take note Yankees.

Breathing. Waiting for game 2. WIN game 2 Bruins. One game at a time.

Tim Thomas for President!

Philly likes to Boo don’t they:) Philly plays dirty just like Montreal.



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2 responses to “Payback is fun huh Bruins? but it takes 4 wins

  1. I kidded in one comment about the Flyers not being informed of the start time for Saturday afternoon’s game, but in fact they had their heads handed to them. Complete Bruin domination from the outset…truly humiliating defeat for Philly. That being said, Flyers’ defense and goaltending continues to be about as bad as it can get. Lucky to be in Round 2.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I know you were kidding:) and talk about lucky to be in the second round the Bruins losing both games at home then going on the road and winning. Crazy.

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