I am hating sports right now

Bruins lose. Sox lose and now the Lakers the only team I trust to kill the Celtics are losing. What the H-e double hockey sticks is going on?

Tuesday the 26th SUCKED!!!!! The 27th better be better. If the Lakers lose the stupid Dallas Mavericks will probably come out of the west and that means which ever team wins the east will win the whole thing. Dallas will choke away any chance they get. The great white hope (Dirk) is the most overrated white guy in the NBA. (yes I know an oxy moron)

The Bulls are overrated and the Heat are too scary to trust to take out the Celtics.

I blame this all on Mark Cuban. If he had just left Dirk alone the Celtics surely would have taken the great white hope at number 10.

Turns out I can’t blame Mark I have to blame the Bucks for drafting him and trading him to Cuban. It’s all the damn Bucks fault.


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