When people you love suck.


It’s easy for me to watch Jonathon Papelbon suck because when he does I can be mean and call him names. I don’t like to be mean to anyone not named Danny Ainge or Paul Pierce or Jorge Posada or Danny Ainge or Danny Ainge or Danny Ainge or …. lets just say anyone that wears green or pin strips or we could be here all night. Maybe all month. Possibly all year.

So last night when I already had left the room with the TV and I followed the debacle that was the 8th inning of last nights Red Sox game on my phone I was non to pleased to see Hideki Okajima forget how to pitch.

My story begins the first year Oki played for the Sox. I was at a game and Oki was in the bullpen. People called his name and every time he turned around and bowed. A sign of respect in Japan. He had this huge smile on his face and he was so happy to be here. He was just so damn cute I could not stop myself from loving him. I have loved him everyday since.

I love him when he sucks. I love him when he single handedly saves the Sox and I love him unconditionally. How can you hate someone that you love?

When the Sox signed Oki and brought him back this year I literally almost cried happy tears. When they sent him to Pawtucket I was sad and when they brought him back to the majors I was happy again. Then when he pitched last night I was depressed. No one likes to see someone they love suck.

The point of this current blog is? I want the world to know that I love Okajima no matter what. Deal with it:)

P.S.- Clarification. I don’t really like watching Papelbon suck. I want him to help us win but when he does suck I do enjoy hating him.

By the way you can’t hate him either. You can’t hate someone born on Christmas can you?



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2 responses to “When people you love suck.

  1. Yeah… I’m not a big Oky fan. I mean… he’s better than Delcarmen… um…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Go back and watch 2007 games. You will love Oki.

    Delcarmen. Is he still playing?????

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