See Too soxy. This is why I HATE Kevin Youkilis

He has to open his mouth. He has to say something. Instead of just shutting up he has this compulsion to run his big fat mouth every time.

This isn’t about sticking up for a teammate. When I finally started to like Dustin Pedroia it was when he defended David Ortiz. He had finally realized running your mouth every time makes you look like the idiot. You pick and choose when to say something.

Youkilis is always going to be an idiot. I get the impression he hates playing here. He hates the fans. He hates everything about us so why is he even here?

I’ll admit it I am a closet Daisuke Matsuzaka apologist. Read my blog through the years and you will see I am usually defending him but he flat out sucked last time he pitched. He was booed today because he deserved to be booed but instead of running his mouth like Big mouth Youkilis when he sucked he admitted he sucked. He said ” I would have booed me too”

I was in Baltimore at a game when Daisuke left in the 4th inning after giving up a grand slam and I defended him. That’s what I do. I defend Dice because you know he is trying. You know he doesn’t want to suck.

Be positive? Wow that is like the the dumbest thing EVER SAID. Youkilis lives in a fantasy world. Why should I be positive in a game I spent 25% of my weekly pay check to see your team play and you lose because Carl Crawford gets picked off first base trying to steal. Why don’t you take 25% of your weekly pay check, spend it on a baseball game where your team quit after they gave up the go ahead runs and tell me how positive you would be?

God I hate him. Greek God of walks, Ha



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6 responses to “See Too soxy. This is why I HATE Kevin Youkilis

  1. I love him so much.
    What mature positivity! I think I love him more.
    Do you think if I lived in Boston I’d have a chance? Because if I could just find a job… I could be there in a week.
    I have so many Michael Bolton songs running through my head right now I can’t stand it.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    You are so much better then Youkilis. Aim higher.

    Even though I think you deserve better then Yooooouk I think he is 100% in your range of getting. The last bimbo he dated was such a trollop. She was a total celebrity chaser. First Ben Affleck then Youkilis. Are you a trollop?

    I am sorry I do not get the Youk obsession. Is it because he is the only un-married Sox?

    Love him more. Sigh

  3. I mean, I could be a trollop. Like, if that’s what he wants. I mean, I do own pleather.
    I actually work with a guy (ohmygod I found a Red Sox fan! IN MY OFFICE! ohmygod. In the mailroom. I didn’t even know we HAD a mailroom!) who says when he lived in Boston he met Kevin Youkilis and he was “super nice.” He tells me he had a “raunchy sense of humor.”
    Super nice and a raunchy sense of humor? And a kickass batting average?
    My heart is a-flutter.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Youkilis nice? Must be a rumor. Are you sure this guy is real? maybe you created him in your subconscious since the Braves fans are crazy ???? Pinch him and if he screams and others turn around then you’ll have proof he exists?:)

  5. i saw him like a month ago at a quarterly meeting and kind of did think i made him up.
    but i ran into him friday and he was wearing the same sox hat.
    and i saw him at work today.
    so, if i made him up, i am being delightfully consistent.
    i will take his picture. and then, if it’s just a bunch of blurry ovals against a wall background, i’ll know he’s supernatural.
    speaking of supernatural, what do you think the odds are of john lackey transforming himself into… um… something that doesn’t suck?
    because i think i hated 2007 lackey more than i hate now lackey.
    i think we should sell lackey for parts.

  6. FireDannyAinge

    If Dice can become Josh of 07 then anything is possible. I have been expecting Lackey to dominate a start in a sox uniform since he got here. Has to happen sometime right?

    I am thinking that guy isn’t real. If he is always wearing the same hat. That kind of sounds like a horror movie to me and hasn’t the start to this season been enough of a horror movie for you???

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