Pod-K or Pod-Ford


Dice pitched like freaking Josh Beckett. Crawford got a hit. Who are these pod people masquerading as professional baseball players? I guess I already said that. Or I read it somewhere else. I don’t remember. I am either a repeater or a playgerist. Did I just create a word?



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4 responses to “Pod-K or Pod-Ford

  1. I have thought a lot about this and I’ve finally figured it out.
    Dice-K found the time machine.
    And he threatened to expose 2009 Josh Beckett, see, so 2009 Josh Beckett was like, fine, 2011 Dice-K. What do you want from me? I’ll do anything!
    And Dice-K was like, bring me 2009 me and send me somewhere happy. Like Pensacola.
    And 2009 Josh Beckett was like, okay, you can hang out there with 2011 Josh Beckett.
    And Dice-K was like, awesome.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Time Traveling. Yep didn’t think of that but this is totally a possibility.

  3. I love that picture. Haunting.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    I would love to take credit for it sports attitude but I found the poster online and just put a picture of Dice over it and then flickr had this thing to change the color and I clicked on it. So while I technically put it all together the real work was done by someone else:)

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