I hate West Coast games

California needs to change their game times to eastern. There is already East Coast bias according to the media so as far as I am concerned you owe us West Coast.

I love Coco Crisp. Not just because he is hot but because I loved him when he played here. I love Jacoby also but when it was head to head between these two for playing time in 07 I literally could not pick a side. I just wanted to win and I wanted both of them to help us win. Why does this matter? because I have a migraine. One of those really bad headaches that only going to sleep can cure. This usually happens to me when I don’t eat until 6 PM at night. I want to see Coco. I want to see my sox but this head ache is not going to allow me to stay up til 2 am watching the game.

E-60 is doing a story on Carl Crawford and I am going to watch so I can learn to not hate him so much.

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I will blog live as I watch:) Oh yes this will help my headache.

Carl was poor. ESPN wonders if he can play in Boston. The lady says yes. He lived in Houston, raised by mom and grandmother and shared a bedroom with his brother Corey.

He lived in the fifth ward. Crime was 5 times higher then National Average.

His Uncle directed him towards sports. He played for the local salvation army team. A coach (Rayborn) scouted him. He batted left handed.

Life at home was tough. Lots of fighting. Carl is dressed like a 15 year old in this interview but at least he is wearing Sox stuff.

When Carl was in high school. He dominated all sports. District MVP in baseball, basketball and football. He signed a letter of intent to play football with Nebraska. " He just wanted to get away"

637. One or more bases and was never caught stealing in his entire High School career. (Umm caught here once already)

June 1999 drafted by evil devil rays. 1.5 million dollar signing bonus. Carl talks a lot about money in these interviews. "Moving on up" Corey his brother.

6 year contract with the evil devil Rays. Gold glove, silver slugger.

Youkilis likes him. Um yep taught explains my hatred.

First time he saw the green monster. Thought of all the players that hit balls off that wall. Historical. He signs inside the wall himself.

I think that is it because they say they are talking boxing next.


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5 responses to “I hate West Coast games

  1. yeah, you don’t want to watch lackey when you have a headache.
    you don’t want to watch lackey at all.
    eek. sorry, i’m good attitude girl today.
    i mean, i’m sure lackey will be great.
    i’m sure.
    the coolest part of coco crisp is his name.
    i started a petition years ago for coco to have his own cereal.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    The headache is gone. Left about an hour ago. I still might use it as an excuse to go to bed if Lackey starts sucking. Like he is doing right about now.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    What the hell is with ex players coming back to kill us anyway? Then dying against the Yankees. That is why I always lieked Kevin Millar. He at least killed NY after he left.

  4. I am trying to go to sleep. But this game is confusing me. The world is confusing me this week. How am I supposed to sleep when the world is this confusing?!

  5. FireDannyAinge

    This game is confusing me too. The umpires suck. Lackey pitching almost as good as he should be. Coco’s hair is scaring me.

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