I HATE New York


You guys suck. No you are a worse word then suck. You suck infinity.

You had them. You HAD THEM and you couldn’t even close the deal.

Chauncey Billups is shit. Not the shit. Just SHIT. The 3 most overrated players in the NBA all reside on the New York Knicks.

Not like I expected you to I don’t know SHOW UP and win a fucking game but an effort for more then 1 quarter would have been nice.

I didn’t pick a team to root for in this series because it would be like rooting for the measles or the mumps. Neither will kill you if you have had the shot but both piss you off.

Now I can’t watch the Sox highlights or find out who drove their car into a house because I can’t watch the news.

Damn Knicks. You and your bandwagon celebrity fans suck. Just like your team.


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