The Red Sox in 2011

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For stupid comment of the night from a retard New Yorker,

cwalsh001 (4/16/2011 at 1:05 AM)
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i bet crawford was wishin he was in a nice warm tampa climate where the fans would NEVER dare to boo him. Instead he is in #### boston where the fans only boo him. Poor guy, should have known the red sox fans would turn on him like no other, too bad he went for the money, he would have looked GREAT in pinestripes. BTW all red soxes fans who say the yankees bought their world series rings u cant say anything anymore. At least when the yanks buy good players the team is actually good, the sox suck

Umm “Fans in Tampa” LMAO. Right. Oh and teen talk. So Kool. What is a ” pinestripes” anyway???

First comment of the night. Sigh



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3 responses to “The Red Sox in 2011

  1. i think we’re scream 10. the one where neve finally bites it.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Good point.

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