Leave me alone!

When I hate someone. I hate someone. There is no changing my mind. Okay once or twice it has happened (Dustin Pedroia is the only example I can come up with right now) but I was determined to hate Carl Crawford and so far so good.

He can’t hit. He can’t play the field. He can’t steal any bases. He has been downright awful since he came to Boston and I have not shed a single tear for his bad playing. I won’t root against him while he is wearing a Red Sox uniform but that doesn’t mean I won’t call him out when he sucks.

Then I go and read this article and I feel a ping of guilt.

I guess trying too hard and not hitting is a forgivable offense. I know he doesn’t want to suck. No one wants to suck but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t suck.

So for now I won’t boo Carl Crawford. I guess



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2 responses to “Leave me alone!

  1. I would feel guilty if he had shown me SOMETHING. My pity has to be earned.
    Dice-K? He’s earned my pity.
    I feel bad for the guy when you can tell he’s trying, he looks up at the camera with those sad eyes and just crashes and burns.
    I still want him off my team, but I’d give him a hug or something. You know? Because he’s earned it. EARNED it.
    Crawford has earned nothing. He has not earned cheers, accolades or pity.
    Therefore, I will continue my television screen fist shaking. Because he was expensive, damnit!

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I like your opinion better. Death to Crawford (Fist pumps at the TV 🙂

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