Johnny doesn’t like the Yankees

Hear that Yanee fans. Johnnny refuses to have your hat on his head if he makes it to thr Hall of Fame (Hey stop laughing at Johnny)

I got this article from and it is too funny. Funny that Johnny thinks he will be in the Hall of Fame. Funny that he is brain dead and doesn’t realize he has no choice in what hat he would be wearing if they allowed losers into the Hall of Fame. Funny that he thinks he deserved more M.V.P. votes and would have HAD them if he didn’t play with great players like Yankee cheater number 1 or Manny cheater. Umm yes Damon if you didn’t play with those guys your team would have been out of the playoffs but whatevers!

Johnny is funny. He doesn’t like Red Sox fans either. Does that mean he thinks we like him? because all I heard were boo’s every time you came back to town Johnny stupid Damon.



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One response to “Johnny doesn’t like the Yankees

  1. What’s hilarious is… that if he’d stayed in Boston, he would have kept his celebrity and had a pretty decent shot for votes. If he’d stuck around.
    In stanktown, he was just another pinstripe.
    He didn’t get nearly the individual recognition he got as Johnny the Caveman.
    Of course, something cosmically awful would have happened to us for harboring a known jackass. So, I for one, am glad he turncoated.
    And while looking through youtube I found some recent interviews- he looks terrible. I mean, really, really rough. That beard was hiding a frame that you can’t see from far away on the baseball field… but it’s scary.
    Did he always look like that?
    Or is his grotesque frame just the empty shell his soul left behind in 2005?
    Hard to tell.

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