Celtics too cocky to fight for second best record

The Celtics lost to the Wizards tonight and after I was done laughing at the thought of Paul Pierce throwing gang signals from the hood at John Wall because he was out playing him I checked in to find that Paul wasn’t even playing. Neither was Allen or KG or that other guy who lives off those 3.

Doc Rivers decided to sit down his so called “Hall of Famers” to rest. Or in other words he sat down his so called ” Hall of Famers” because he doesn’t think he needs the home court to come out of the East.

So instead of playing the Sixers the evil green team will be playing the Knicks.

Make no mistake about it the same David Stern that needed the Boston fan base and their money to be successful in 2008 will now be playing the same game with the NY fan base and their money.

The Bulls may be overrated and the Heat may be a crap shoot but both teams are better then they were last year. There shouldn’t be a free pass to the finals like there was last year. I can only hope I am right:)


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