Are you serious? So now we have new rules that apparently only count when the fucking NY Yankees are playing.

WTF is wrong with the people at Fenway for not screaming when this bull shit took place?

According to ESPN who apparently now knows what the umpires are thinking they made Pedroia go back to third base because Youkilis was out of the baseline when the double play happened? So not only does the double play count but the runner has to go back to third and the run doesn’t count?

Someone please tell me the last time this fucking rule was applied and to which team because this sounds like another baseball rule they make up on the fly to help the Yankees win games.

If you need any proof that this rule is something only used to help NY win the games the baseball Gods gave Mike Cameron an infield hit and the run scored on the very next play.

The ESPN announcers even called the rule stupid what does that tell you? When the hell does ESPN ever stick up for the red sox?


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