A great blog

Recently I have had an actual visitor to this blog. Not your usual visitor that comes here and calls me names for hating on the Celtics but my long lost sister who literally sounds just like me when it comes to the Red Sox.

It’s very weird. I always wanted a long lost brother but hey I’ll settle for a sister.

Keep in mind my long lost sister is a lot less angry then I am but do you know how many times I almost tweeted to Jon Lester these words below,

Dear Jon Lester, Can you please pitch every game for us, Love Red Sox Nation.

Well too soxy almost posted the same message on her blog only to Clay Buccholz. It was very weird. Of course now I can’t find what she wrote.

Visit her blog if you like a very much less angry version of me:)


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One response to “A great blog

  1. i was bored at work and just saw this! that’s kind of sweet. you think i’m less angry. no one’s ever called me less angry before…
    i like being the less angry one.
    i’m going to relish that designation for the next twenty.

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