Cleveland Indians and the Celtic bandwagon

Remember in 07 when they were winning and the place was full of fans? Tonight they are lucky if there is 300 people in the building and most of them are cheering for the Red Sox. Of course there is the retard in the first row in a Yankee hat because bandwagon New Yorkers have to do that at every Red Sox game but this is kind of pathetic.

The Cavs fans still show up to see their team sit in last place. So where are all the rice K screamers now?

Fenway was not always full when the Sox weren’t the Sox we know and love in the 21st century but the place was never empty like it is in Cleveland tonight.

There are like 10 people in the outfield. 10 behind the red sox dug out. Maybe 10 behind the Cleveland dug out and that is like literally all the people you see.

JD Drew was so safe at home.

Oh look it’s 04 world series hero Orlando Cabrera. Watching my DVD’s of the 04 ALCS and Orlando has the best highlight from a sox player not having to do with the actual baseball. After A-Rod plays dumb about knocking the ball out of Bronson’s hand and the Yankee “fans” are throwing beer bottles on the field where there own stupid players are standing Orlando pretends to cry and it has to be the funniest thing ever done on a baseball field. I will always LOVE him for that. You just have to see it for yourself.

Turns out the fans were in the cheap seats. They have sense moved down. Yankee fans are cocky but these Cleveland fans are insane and ridiculous.

Beckett is starting to fall a part. I said it two years ago he has done nothing to merit a contract extension since 07.

Another base stealer. Don’t worry Salty Martinez and Tek never threw anyone out either.

At the rate this season is going so far it looks like I won’t have to learn to spell Saltalamacchia ( I had to look taht up) like I learned to spell Mientkiewicz . ( I didn’t have to look that up:) I did that in case we won the world series in 04. It worked.

Up goes the retard idiot “Indians fan” that was acting like a 6 year old having a melt down at target. He came down right about the time Salty threw the ball to center field. He then started screaming and throwing his fists like he actually stole second base himself. Seriously sometimes it is more fun to watch the assholes in the stands at games like this then the game

Gonzalez just Manny’d to first base. Yep he almost walked instead of running out his hit. The shift should be illegal.

Walk for the only asshole on The Sox. YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUK.

Fucking Cabrara. I love you. I hate you. Then I love you again. Then I fucking hate you. Gotta love, Love/hate. Damn ex Red Sox players coming after us. First whiny David Murphy now still adorable Orlando.

Oh Beckett. Beckett, Beckett, Beckett.



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2 responses to “Cleveland Indians and the Celtic bandwagon

  1. any time you actually wanna write about the celtics would be most welcome since thats the only reason i came to this site

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Oh Grantno don’t worry. I will be writing some blogs when the Celtics lose in the the first round either to the Knicks or Sixers. If it takes the second round so be it. I hate the Heat but I’ll root for the devil if it means Danny Ainge loses.

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