It does exist?

It’s kind of like that M and M and Santa Claus commercial where they both faint after seeing each other and someone muddles the comments “He does exist”

Well that is how I feel about the word Karma. I have been wondering since 2003 if that word really existed for the Celtics and I pretty much gave up on it ever coming and getting the two faced Paul Pierce or the liar Danny Ainge or the asshole KG or the fucktard Doc Rivers. Then they won in 08 and well Karma giving any of these guys a title after the things they have lied about or the people they have stabbed in the back pretty much proved to me that Karma is a myth but….

Tonight Shaq took the court for the first time in a very long time.

You see he was ” injured” with a capital NOT really injured but resting because we know he can’t play an entire season. He’s to fat. too old. To busy conducting the pops or visiting old dead statues. Well apparently a few minutes in it looks like Shaq got a real injury.

They say it isn’t serious but when has Doc Rivers ever told the truth?

So lets say for just a second Shaq is really injured and Danny who lied to Kendrick Perkins and told him he wasn’t on the block was traded away for nothing. Could that mean Karma does exist?

Well the answer to that is no. Once whoever is in charge of our earth gave those people the title in 08 that meant karma was never a reality because liars and two faced jerks winning after what they did, well it was just unfair to the people hurt but this does make a fun side idea:)



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2 responses to “It does exist?

  1. Remember when Ainge told the media that resigning Tony Allen was nothing to do with the money? That Tony just wanted to play in Memphis.
    Another lie lol. Yesterday an article about Tony Allen on yahoo confirmed that if the Celtics would have matched Memphis’ 3 year 9 million offer ( a measley 3 mill per year, peanuts in the nba), then tony would have signed in a HEARTBEAT!

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I’ll be sure to add that to the list of lies Ainge has told while he was the “gm” here. He lies to the fans. He lies to the media and they know he is lying and they print what he is lying about anyway.

    I don’t expect a GM to tell what he is going to do but to blatantly lie just for the sake of lying when he could just shut his mouth proves what an ass he is. He is all about gettin g his face on TV.

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