Ainge is a druggie.

That explains a lot. Only in NY would a nobody back up druggie be news worthy.

Oh you think I mean Danny Ainge? Nope his nephew the back up QB for the J-E-T-S- Jets, Jets, Jets.

I know it’s mean to pick on druggies but if they are related to fucktards named Danny I kind of have to do it. Then there is the fact he is a back up for the J-E-T-S That in itself is a reason to whack the druggie while he is down. In fact who has a car I can borrow? We can run him over while he is down.

Anyone related to Danny Ainge deserves a little slack if they felt they needed to be un-mormon out of the closet like and become a druggie I guess but I think that evens out because he is a


Another thing stay out of Boston loser. We have enough Ainge’s polluting the New England air. Stay in NY and screw up there state.


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