Deja Vu in Philly land

Last year it was almost like fate or destiny the way the Red Sox were taken out of the game by a series of injuries. The weirdest had to be the injury to Dustin Pedroia IN San Fransisco.

Then to Victor Martinez and also to Clay Bucholz.

Guess who went on to win the World Series? Well you should have guessed it. That damn park took out our best player and we were never the same after that.

Dustin has some interesting comments about what happened to him in this game.

Well now a series of injuries in Philly are starting to feel a lot like last year.

Chase Utley is hurt and could be out all season. Now

The latest injury is to Roy Oswalt off the bat of our very own Manny Rameriz. Yes he is still ours. Head case and all he might be in Tampa but he will be always be remembered for being a Red Sox.

Maybe fate is going to make up for the crappy hand they dealt us last year by taking out the best rotation in baseball before the season starts?

We don’t know if it is for us. This could be for some other team but you never knooooow:)


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