Down goes Ortiz!!!

I read the intro to this article and I wanted to throw up.

After I started reading the article I literally lost my breath for a second. I still have my hand over my mouth trying to stop the sinking feeling I have in my stomach of David Ortiz using the Yankees to threaten the Red Sox owners into giving him a long term deal.

I no longer think I can stand to defend Big Papi under any circumstance.

If you had asked me yesterday to name any single Red Sox player I thought deserved to be in Boston at any cost the only name on the tip of my tonge would be David Ortiz.

I loved Pedro in his time here. I was always a huge Derek Lowe fan but when it was time for them to go I never thought the Sox needed to break the bank on them but David Ortiz was different.

Big Papi is the only reason that alleged curse was broken. He single handily is the reason the Red Sox came back in 2004 and for that I was always on the David Ortiz bandwagon. We owe him. We owed him. We now no longer do.

You can interpret the article any way you like. I interpreted it as a good old fashioned threat.

Mariano Rivera thought about the red sox offer and turned it down because he knew where his legacy was. A few years ago I think it was Andy Pettite that did the same thing.

Yankee players alleged real legends of the games don’t sell their soul for money. You would never see Derek Jeter even think about playing in a Red Sox uniform but the one legend this team has in this day and age just basically threatened to go play for NY if he needs a job.

I am sure Mariano might have come to Boston to play if we offered him 20 million a year but the difference is he wouldn’t be dumb enough to come out and say it.

The only thing I have left to say is nothing.

Would Ortiz play for the Yankees?

“Me? Would I play for the Yankees? Well, if I don’t get signed here, I would play somewhere. You know what I’m saying? I’m not saying I would play for the Yankees, but if I don’t have a job, I gotta go somewhere else. As long as I play, right?


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