What will it take David Stern?

Celtics lose

How much more do the Celtics players get to get away with before you finally stop the special treatment because you need the ratings in Boston?

Best for the league is not allowing Kevin Garnett to get away with what he gets away with. Hitting below the belt, are you seriously going to allow this to literally go on?

The Celtics can’t handle losing. They are bad sports whenever they lose especially when they are being embarrassed and you are ruining the league by allowing this to go on.

You saw the game. You make the excuses Celtics fans because you are starting to be pathetic. Your self entitlement makes me sick.

In the past the Celtics had trash talkers and players that did wiggles but they had respect for their league, teammates and fellow players. They ran there mouths but they never hit someone literally below the belt.



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3 responses to “What will it take David Stern?

  1. The Celtics are the best team in the NBA right now, FDA. They whipped that Los Angeles Laker ass Sunday evening.

    You mad? 😉

  2. FireDannyAinge

    So let me get this straight the Celtics are such locks for the finals you are now celebrating a regular season win.lol
    That makes me smile Troy. Enjoy your regular season win.

  3. Come on, FDA. You know you missed my comments from 2007. It’s been years!

    I’ll enjoy the regular season win; just not as much as San Antonio.

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