No one likes Antoine Walker

You heard it here first. No one likes Toine. No one wanted him drafted in Boston (we wanted white Keith Van Horn) No one wanted to keep him in Boston (we wanted Keith Van Horn).

Everyone was thrilled when Danny Ainge did us all a favor and traded him away. He was a “trouble maker” and “if you knew what I knew you would have wanted him gone too” said Kevin Mchale’s butt buddy Danny Ainge.

Yet here we are in 2010, Antoine is in the NBDL and yet when the Boston Globe writes an article about Antoine coming back to play in New England it is the number one read sports article at the Boston Globe. Ahead of the Patriots. Ahead of the Red Sox who own this town and way ahead of the not even mentioned Boston Celtics whose so called M.V.P is injured and out for a month.

For someone no one in Boston cares about this is pretty interesting information to see the article about Antoine Walker ahead of the news featuring your New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox.

Here is the article.

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