Epic fail Sox

You needed three you won one. That is an EPIC FAILURE!!!!!!!!

Still love you but its over. The bridge has crumbled.

No wonder the Paw Sox are having such a bad season. We stole all their players.

David Ortiz wrote a blog where he called us all negative. He insists he is trying and is just as upset as we are that the team sucks big time even when he walks to first base instead of running.

I guess I should be factual. All the injuries did not help us but the shortfall isn’t to be blamed on injuries. It however is to be blamed on out pitching. Clay don’t listen to this. You are not included.

Paying Beckett was a mistake something I said BEFORE we paid him. Lackey has not lived up to his pay check. Old man just sucks (sorry Timmy time to retire) Dice has been his aveage self tho he has been better since the DL and Lester has had an up and down year but Papelbon you son of a bitch YOU and Josh Beckett are the sole reason this team did nothing this year. I don’t care if you have 30 saves against bad teams you need to do it when it matters. Beckett. Oh Beckett. I don’t even know what to say about you.

Anyway thanks to Mcdonald, Athinson, Nava, Dubraunt and Kalish (and any new comer kid I have forgotten) for doing as well as you have done in the circumstances you were dragged into.

The only solace I have is that we stayed in this long enough to tire out the Yankee and Tampa DEVIL rays pitching staff so eventually some national league team can kick their butts. Cuz we ALL know Texas and Minny will lie down and die in the first round like they always do.


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