I feel sick to my stomach

I feel worse then sick to my stomach I feel betrayed. I feel like the Red Sox owners are the biggest dumbass’s on the planet earth and that Theo Epstein should be lynched.

I feel like while the 86 years before 2004 might or might not have been a curse the fact that the Red Sox were even willing to think about this idea in the above article is an FU to the state of Massachusetts and my entire fandom as a Red Sox fan that by the way would have ended the second they traded Mike Lowell to the Yankees.

Read my blog I don’t like Mike Lowell and I didn’t think he was worth the money we paid him 3 years ago. I always felt Lowell wanted to be a Yankee and that he only came back to Boston because NY decided to pay the steroid cheater instead of him but that being said to trade him to the Yankees via Texas after everything we went through as Red Sox fans during those 86 years is beyond description. It’s a slap in the face. Forget the deal even happening the idea in itself makes me ill.

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