Lebron pulls his inner selfish Paul Pierce: All about me

Lebron will have an hour press conference on ESPN tomorrow night so he can introduce his old or new team to the world and according to this article Lebron’s people made sure the stage would be all about Lebron by leaking the Wade and always injured Bosh signing a day ahead of schedule.

Read the brilliant article above it calls Lebron out big time.

Lebron has his decision made and it is most likely down to 3 teams. The decision he makes will let you know exactly what type of person Lebron is.

First we have the NY Knicks. If Lebron chooses to go to NY then the selfish tag will be all his. For all the I want to win BS he fed America if he chooses NY and scum of the earth Amare Stoudamire as his teammate then we will know full well that Lebron cares more about the stage aspect of himself then the bball aspect. He might eventually win in NY since their owner only cares about throwing money around but if he does go to NY he isn’t any closer to a title then he was in Cleveland and that is a fact.

Then we have Miami. If he chooses Miami then he is about wnning but does anyone really expect him to share the stage with Finals M.V.P Dwayne Wade? If that team ever wins a title Lebron will not get all the credit.

Last but not least we have Cleveland. This place has treated him like royalty even when he wore a Yankee hat to a playoff game between the Indians and evil empire IN Cleveland. Not even when he mocked his home town team in the middle of their playoff series. If Lebron stays in Ohio they will call him a team player who stayed with his team out of loyalty but then again the cynic in me will say he stayed for the money because like most people with money the more they have the more they want.

I did not include Chicago Bulls because IMO Lebron would never really consider being a Bull because no matter what he does there he will never be Michael Jordan. He can’t compete with that no matter what he wins title wise. Then again with my luck:):):)


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