Did Lebron lose on purpose??

The whole world knows he doesn’t want to go back to Cleveland and his less then inspired play bordering on quitting on his team makes me wonder if he did this on purpose?

With him losing game 6 and the series he now has a free pass to blame Cleveland for the losing and it is just a matter of time he ends up in a bigger market. Namely New York. Exactly where the NBA wants him.

The media was talking about the team quitting on the news the other night but of course we never blame Lebron for anything. It is much easier to blame the supporting cast then the future of the league. This is why the NBA has no fans but thugs and rich celebrities.


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One response to “Did Lebron lose on purpose??

  1. Well, as much as you hate the Celtics, you have to admit that they were robbed in the fourth quarter of game seven against the Lakers.

    LA shot 23 fourth quarter free throws.

    What a load of horse shit.

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