When did KG become such an ass?

Oh I know I have said this before but when he played for Minny he never seemed to act so self entitled. He never acted like a brat when he didn’t win. He never acted like this at all.

It has to do with putting on that ugly green uniform. Not everyone but a lot of people it turns into some kind of NY Yankee player that feels like because he is a Yankee if that ball is close to the plate he thinks he deserves a strike. That because he is a Yankee he can throw at Youkilis’s head every damn time he is at the plate and it is okay because you know he is a Yankee. That makes him a God. (In his mind anyway)

The NBA doesn’t help because if I remember correctly Kevin Garnett pulled some crap the year before last and even though a one game suspension was MANDATORY he didn’t get the suspension. Damned if I can remember what he did. He might have left the bench.

Kevin Garnett can’t handle losing. Funny that is all he really did in Minny and it didn’t turn him into some kind of elbow throwing monster.

The guy has some anger issues he needs therapy for. I used to be such a Garnett fan before he got to Boston. Now he is just Paul Pierce is disguise. That is really pretty sad.


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