Welcome to the Club Maddon and more Punk Garnett talk

Sorry Tampa Bay but don’t you know if you have a record as good as NY the MLB starts worrying about your wardrobe? No more hoodie for you. Just ask Francona he remembers the wardrobe police coming around and taking his jacket.

Get used to it with the Sox dying a slow death out there and you being the next Yankee enemy the MLB and Selig will be coming down on you for everything.

A Miami paper has Kevin Garnett’s top 5 punk moments for you on video. My guess is if they did some more re-search they could find some better ones.

Oh and Richardson yes the Celtics are full of actresses. Pierce has an injury every game and comes back and scores 40 so just ignore them. The NBA committee that picks out the NBA awards are as bad as the people giving out the Oscars. You don’t win on merit you win on having a team with 16 titles from the 80’s. The NBA wanted the Celtics back and fixed 08 for them and now this is what you get. KG doing what he wants when he wants and he never gets in trouble. A one game suspension against Miami isn’t really going to matter so Stern had no problem suspending him but if he pulled this against the Magic he would still be playing.


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