Paul Pierce and KG in denial

Here we go again. Paul Pierce is “injured” on the floor whining and crying like a 2 year old that just fell of its inchworm when big brother comes to his rescue and KG and Pierce think people are dumb enough to buy this act again?

I feel like I have already written this blog and that is because I have. Pierce and KG pulled this same injury act in 08. Only then it involved a fake wheel chair ride to the locker room.

The NBA needs to fix this and quickly. The whole Pierce is injured and can’t play act is over and done. I guess winning a NBA title by injury default is as good as earning it the old fashioned way.

I can’t believe Garnett even used the “I was defending my teammate defense.” Even more of a laugh is that stupid Celtics fans bought this excuse.

When a real player is protecting a teammate the Celtics fans play dumb but when KG fakes an apology they buy it at full price when only next door there is a 30 x 30 announcing the same product is being given away for free as a special deal.


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