Cleveland fans should shut up and leave Noah alone

Here is the article where Noah thinks he will get a mean welcome from Cleveland fans well I say shut up Cleveland

Noah is right you so called fans are a bunch of jerks. Remember back in 07 when your racist Indian fans screamed Rice K and Daisuke Matsuzaka? well what makes you so high and mighty? Get off your pedistal.

I have to laugh at you getting mad at Noah. Do you forget your own “superstar” Lebron James mocking you in 07 rooting for the Yankees and making fun of the Indians fans. Do you remember your owner giving him seats while he sat there in a Yankee hat mocking everyone of you. Well if you support punk Lebron James then everything else coming at your is deserved.

Now I won’t blame all the Cleveland people because that would be unfair. I’ll just blame the sports fan.

I truly hope the Cavs don’t choke against the Celtics in the second round. You know like you choked against the Magic last year because the only NBA players more obnoxious then Lebron James are the players currently wearing green Celtic uniforms.

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