Welcome to Boston Rasheed Wallace

Welcome to the group. Welcome to the club. Welcome to the never good enough for Bill Simmons “appreciation society.” You could be averaging 30 points, 15 rebounds and shooting 50% and Bill Simmons would find some reason to blame you for the big 3 not doing their jobs. It’s always the bench warmers fault or the guy playing with a broken knee but I’ll try not to go there again!!!!

Bill Simmons hates you and you are now part of Boston. Don’t worry to join this club you don’t have to really do anything wrong. You just have to not live up to Bill Simmons expectations and that isn’t really hard to do. No one ever lives up to this guys expectations unless his name is Paul Pierce. Oh sure once he got on Paul case but that was Antoine fault so it didn’t really count.

Bill Simmons likes to claim he is a fan but he isn’t. He is never happy. He always finds something wrong and he never blames the right person because as you know it’s always the bench warmers fault that Paul Pierce went to the all star game when he was injured because he is a selfish SOB and now the Celtics can’t even beat the Knicks.

PLEASE keep yelling at Doc Rivers. That was classic and made me laugh. That guy is a complete idiot and deserves to be ignored. Now yelling at Doc wasn’t a good idea you should do what Pierce did and what Ricky Davis and what Rajon Rondo did last year and just ignore him and do what you want on the court. Hey they still get the minutes and none of the blame and while I liked you yelling at that dumbass next time just ignore it. It works better.

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