Garnett is whining about the refs? KEVIN GARNETT?

Celtics are back to whining again. They can’t handle losing and this current group of overrated babies is no different.

Here is the whining by Garnett It is the most laughable BS I have ever seen from a player and remember Paul Pierce is on this team. Remember he anointed himself “The best player in the NBA” this is right up

Garnett YOU LOST and you lost to a bunch of kids that aren’t afraid of you. The whole NBA knows your team is old and only won a title because the NBA needed the big market to be the big market it was in the 80’s.

For ANY Celtic to be whining about the refs is a huge injustice to the sport of basketball. Paul Pierce’s entire career is based on the refs giving him a free foul shot every time he misses a basket.

There is no crying in basketball.


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