Rangers don’t want to pay any of the money?

So Theo might trade Lowell to Texas and now it appears they don’t even want to pay 3 million of his deal so explain to me why Theo isn’t telling Texas to take a flying leap?

I am so sick of the Red Sox throwing away their mistakes while I have to pay 52 bucks to see the team. KEEP LOWELL. It isn’t that hard. He is being a pro so let him be a pro on the bench.

This really pissed me off Lowell wants to compete for his job so let him. If the Red Sox trade him to Texas and pay this contract they are the dumbest owners in sports. Lowell isn’t a trouble maker so let him play or sit him but don’t waste 9 million dollars on a team that claims they are poor but have the richest owner in baseball this side of NY.


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