Stop booing Tim Thomas

You cheered Manny Rameriz who walked to first base more then he ran. You cheer Kevin Youkilis when he bad mouths you as fans almost on a daily basis during baseball season. You cheer Paul Pierce who selfishly went to the all star game on a bum knee or ankle or whatever excuse he is using these days (multiple years in a row) instead of staying home and getting healthy to earn his pay check for the team and fans that pay his salary yet you Boo Tim Thomas for one bad game? What the hell is wrong with you people?

Boston fans get a bad wrap and this year so far the Bruins fans are living up to the moniker that Boston fans are assholes.

Tim Thomas has not had a great year but yet the Bruins are still in the playoff race despite the fact you took away the one guy that actually scored goals for this team last year. Then the other best player you have is injured and you can’t grasp the concept that your goalie and coach are not at fault for a season that isn’t working out? No offense to Raask but he is not doing much better then Thomas and this is what happens when you are tied for LAST in goals scored in the entire NHL.

If you want to Boo someone start with the owner and general manager that wouldn’t pay Phil Kessel and then continue to blame them for getting you no other goal scorers to replace him. Booing Tim Thomas only makes you look like the jerks the rest of the world already thinks we are.

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