Red Sox stay classy with Nomar. Celtics will never be that classy with Toine

The media starts the BS. Go get them Tek!

Gordon Edes takes his swipe
Jeter’s comments seem hollow. Fraud’s sound at least true


On Wednesday Nomar Garciaparra signed a one day minor league contract with the Red Sox. Then he retired. That was a classy move by the Red Sox ownership group. They didn’t have to do it. They just did it. This is something you will never see the Celtics do for one of the players they treated like shit on their way out the door. That is why the Red Sox own Boston and the Celtics are just another team to watch waiting for baseball season to start.

Nomar came to Theo and company and asked if he could re-sign with the team he was drafted by so that he could retire a Red Sox. They obliged. After everything that had gone on in 2004 the Red Sox who were every bit as much to blame for the way Nomar felt and acted swallowed their pride and they did the right thing. They let Nomar come home.

Nomar was moody during the end of his time in Boston. He was mad that he wasn’t offered the same type of money Jeter and Fraud were even though he was putting up similar numbers. Can you blame him? I can’t, now.

Back in the day I was as mad as every other Red Sox fan when Nomar sat in the dug out while his team fought with the Yankees on the field. I was as mad as everyone else when Nomar didn’t want to play and I agreed with Theo that Nomar had to go. Do I still feel that way? Yes I do. It was time for Nomar to realize the grass is not always greener on the other side. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand what Nomar was going through.

The two situations between Antoine and Nomar are very similar. Both were here many years. Both gave it their all for their teams (at least Nomar did until the end) and both deserve to retire with the team that drafted them. Nomar was a cult hero here in Boston while Antoine wasn’t as popular he still was a true Celtic. He knew what it meant to be a Celtic before he was traded away. It took 6 years for Nomar to realize what he left behind. Antoine always knew what he was leaving behind. That is why he was so upset when Ainge was hired. He knew it was all ending.

Don’t believe the media when they make the way Nomar acted out to be more than it was. Nomar never liked to talk to the media. (No one can blame him for that. The Boston media sucks) and the media made him pay for it the first chance they got. That is the difference between Antoine and Nomar. Antoine always talked to the media. After a bad loss or a bad shooting night he was the guy taking the blame while Paul Pierce was hiding in the locker room refusing to talk to anyone.

If calling Ainge a snake is the “worst” thing Antoine did on his way out the door then he is already light years ahead of the way Nomar acted. Yet one organization has class and they let bygones be bygones. The other just stays the same. Irrelevant.

Baseball season starts in 22 days.


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