Steve Bulpett is blatantly lying AGAIN.

I can’t help but take some responsibility for this article being written. I know it had nothing to do with me but Steve Bulpett is still a two faced shit of a reporter and he wrote another article blatantly lying to the state of Massachusetts. How many times have I called him on his lying? HOW MANY? Well here we go again.

Read the BS below For Steve Bulpett to even condone his lying and make excuses for it is a joke. He gets paid by the Herald owners NOT Danny Ainge and for him to lie about lying now is a freaking joke.

No one believes you Bulpett. You printed what your friend Danny Ainge told you to print. You lied ON PURPOSE for Danny Ainge and for you to even make light of it 5 years later just proves how pathetic you are.
No one believes you. One day your lying and loyalty to the Celtics over your newspapers integrity will get you fired. It will happen eventually and when it does this blog will be laughing at you behind your back and in front of your face.

We all remember what the Herald did to the Patriots printing that they taped the Rams walk through when there was no taping so you having no class is not a shock.


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