WOW There really is NO loyalty in the NBA anymore is there?


Hey Z thanks for the years of support but Lebron James happiness trumps anything else including all your years of service so have fun losing in Washington because we need another guy to sit on the bench and watch Lebron take every shot on the damn court.

This is why I hate the NBA. There is no loyalty anymore. Not a single damn player or an owner.

I like Antawn Jamison. He seems like a nice guy and he is one heck of a player half the time but the Cavs didn’t need a trade for any other reason then to appease stupid Lebron James. What a way to run the business.



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3 responses to “WOW There really is NO loyalty in the NBA anymore is there?

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  2. Cleveland is going for a quick title just in case LeBron bolts for New York over the Summer. Shitty? Perhaps, but that’s subjective to whomever is talking.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Troy you are still

    I feel better now that Z is going back and I am sorry Z has been there his whole career if he wasn’t going back that makes Lebron and the Cavs pretty shitty in my book.

    I like Jamison I hope he plays better in his second game then his first. He is in a tough situation if it doesn’t work out.

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